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Note! On 15th of May 2021, also some of our articles were wrongly deleted by Blogger (a known worldwide issue) and once they did restore them, the versions happened to be of old variety which is why we have decided to keep those articles offline for now.

Troubleshooting RBR
- Everything for a reason. There's nothing wrong with the game. It's always a user error.

RBRTM Installation Guide
- A modern take on this to get you started. Suitable for dummies, numpties and herberts. Covers the TrackPack and RBRCIT + NGP6.

Lousy Explanations
- Here's porridge trying to explain some of the items in RichardBurnsRally.ini + FixUp.ini and occasionally getting it right.

Setting up Your Wheel
- The abridged version for radio (includes the link to The Snow Guide on FFB)

Installing Cars
- Lectures on RBRCIT and some obsolete skills in the era of RBRCIT.

Using Pacenote Plugin
- How to make any old co-driver mod compatible with "the Swiss army knife of RBR" plus other things to remember.

Fooling Around with Misc.rbz - Not as sexy topic as you may think. Basics of editing the dash, AI drivers, synchronising the virtual steering wheel but nothing else.

Editing Cameras
- Some basics about RBR cameras.

Installing BTB Stages
- Currently only about how to make vanilla/RBRTM installation BTB-ready. Maybe in a few minutes it will all be different.

Creating Rallies in RBRTM
- A sensationally comprehensive guide to becoming a successful rally promoter or just another one to saturate the market even more.

Using Generic Mod Enabler with RBR - Taking full advantage of JSGME: explains how to install RBRvr correctly to work alongside Pacenote Plugin + how to install a light mod.

RBRvr Checklist
- Avoid the most common pitfalls and improve the stability of RBRvr.

External links

Install guide for Rallysimfans RBR
- A remarkably comprehensive overview of the Hungarian online plugin in English written by mufcAleksi, TheLastCrusader and Mika-n. FAQ also included. (The same guide can be found on RSF's download page in PDF format.)