Installing BTB stages

Last updated 3 Dec 2020: Added a new "random note" right to the end.

Top tip: To go alongside RX plugin, we recommend you to install mika-n's glorious and continuously developing NGPCarMenu that not only enhances the experience in more ways than one, it also fixes some of the shortcomings RX plugin famously has by default; most notably it adds scrolling for the stage menu, brand-new stage loading screens, and incredibly, it even allows you to save BTB replays for later viewing(!).

Care! RSRBR has its own way of doing things and currently this guide only covers how to install BTB stages to vanilla RBR/RBRTM installation.

  1. In addition to RBR's official patch 1.02, DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) must be installed as well.

    (Note that directx_Jun2010_redist.exe as such doesn't install the DirectX files, it only extracts the installer files to the location of your choice. The actual installation then begins by running DXSETUP.exe.)

  2. Download RBR_RX (by black f. aka jharro). Extract the pack to your RBR installation.

  3. BTB stage folders go to [RBR]\RX_CONTENT\Tracks.

    Right in the root of any stage folder there must be the relevant subfolders CACHE, FX, Objects and Textures + the usual set of .ini files; otherwise you'll end up in Kaihuavaara. If you're having problems with this, just compare the folder structure to the screenshot below and you'll get the hang of it.

  4. Ouninpohja installed. Click to enlarge.

  5. To get to the stage, go to Options → Plugins → RBR_RX → etc... (Note that RBR_RX plugin only works in SSE mode. Not that you'd run the game in NoSSE mode but just putting it out there anyway...)

Few random notes:

- One thing you may want to realise quite quickly is that the special stages are sorted by their folder names, but the stage name shown in-game is actually derived from each stage's own track.ini. Also, the stage names can have non-ASCII characters too, but it requires that the stage's track.ini is saved with ANSI encoding option instead of UTF-8. (This is how you would fix those dreaded "##"-markings in the stage list.)

- If there ever was some sort of readme in original packages put out by black f., it hasn't survived, so let it be known that RX plugin does add a camera hack of its own that works on every stage and not just on the BTB ones. The camera can be controlled via numpad, but perhaps the more useful feature is the so-called free camera (press F9 in chase cam and use mouse wheel/buttons to control) that allows you to fly around on the stage.

- For some reason, if TrainingDay plugin is installed at the same time, RBR_RX is not able to load gravel and snow setups automatically, meaning tarmac setup is forced everywhere. Therefore you should uninstall TrainingDay plugin to properly enjoy BTB stages (renaming .dll to .no should suffice).

- When you're editing pacenotes on a BTB stage with Pacenote Plugin, always remember to use Save As BTB instead of the regular Save function that is meant exclusively for native format stages. Because BTB stages use the Cote d'Arbroz slot (id 41), using Save will ruin the Cote notes (Track-41_M.dls). In case of such accidents, you can recover the Cote's pacenotes from \Plugins\Pacenote\Backup, or alternatively, you can download the original dls file from 2004.

- As most of you know, NGPCarMenu now allows jumping between vanilla game modes and different plugins without RBR rudely crashing on us for which – quite frankly – we're forever spoilt. But recently this luxury highlighted another previously unheard bug in RBR_RX: If you try to run a BTB stage straight after you've run any stage with Random/Bad Weather in Quick Rally/RBRTM's Shakedown modes, RBR_RX will always load Cote d'Arbroz in rainy weather instead. And, except for restarting RBR (surely the fastest way), you can only normalise this by returning to another plugin/mode and loading any stage with Good Weather.