Creating Rallies in RBRTM

Updated 15 Feb 2021: Added Vargassence to Appendix 1.

The basic settings + car selection
Special Stage settings
Legs and finalising
Appendix 1 and 2: Known errors and bugs

To cover all aspects of rally creation in RBRTM, the example rally will have multiple legs and try to copy a WRC type of format with similar SuperRally (Rally 2, if you like) rules.

As award-winning as this tutorial pretends to be, there's no denying that it doesn't care to mention any of the following nuggets: 1) random promoters can't use Lyon-Gerland; 2) Sosnova and Sumburk have their own minor restrictions, and 3) a promoter can have up to three rallies running simultaneously.

1.1 Start + 1.2 Car selection

Tournament name: Remember that because Windows doesn't support the use of certain characters in filenames, RBRTM would not be able to save replays if a name consisted any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

Tournament description: As we can see, adding links to the rally description requires some basic HTML coding knowledge:
<a href="" target="_blank">Clickbait</a>
Target="_blank" is purely for show-offs, totally unnecessary but adding it opens the link nicely to a new tab. Care! If (and when) you edit a tournament, unwanted \-characters tend to appear annoyingly in any HTML links to break them. So after the final edit, always remember to check the links once more.

Offline tournament: A nice bonus feature of casual variety for your money. An ideal (albeit clumsy) way of driving RBRTM's encrypted stages privately to your heart's content, because for as long as an offline tournament is active, not only you can easily exit and resume them, you can even restart the rally just by replacing the .tor file again. You can share this .tor file – that goes to \Plugins\RBRTM (or to RBR's main directory in case of issues) – to fellow rally drivers and friends. And even if offline tournaments may not cut the mustard regarding the integrity of the sport, competitors can still send their results to the server for devalued bragging rights (via Send Results, aptly).

Valid from and Valid to: Any rally has to be open for at least 24 hours (with 7 days being the max duration).

Cant resume tournament: Tied to Request for tournament reset. If selected and you as the organiser accept someone's request, the competitor would have to restart the rally from SS1. If unselected, the competitor would resume from the stage he/she hadn't started/finished. It can be argued that a competent promoter should only accept requests if a driver "Did not start to SS#".

Only one car: If unselected, drivers are able to change cars before each stage. Obvs.

Don't show splits: Another obvious one but interestingly, with this selected in multi-leg rallies Watch tour live is disabled too, which frankly would be a nice option to have for any rally.

Dont show temporary results in RBR: Obviously if selected, neither the stage nor overall results are shown in-game.

Dont show temporary results on web: If selected, only the drivers who have finished the rally can see the temporary results by logging in.

Require stage comments: Selected by default and keep it that way.

Legs: A rally can be split into two or more parts (legs) like in real life.

Registration required and Registration deadline: If selected, all drivers must enroll (by logging in and choosing the car they'd like to use). You can kick any driver out of the start list before the rally starts. For the deadline you can only use integers, with 0 (zero) also being valid.

Superally penalty: Options are 1/2/3/5 minutes for each missed stage.

2.1 The first stage + 2.2 Allowed weather pack combinations

You can change the stage name to anything you like, so why not fix some annoying typos too? But don't ask me why there is that Choose car option because I've no clue, it's utterly pointless.

Surface type, Age of surface and Choose weather: For the most part, the options you have for any given stage are correct, but there are some invalid choices too (see the appendix below this article). You can recognise a lazy promoter from how every stage always use Dry, New and Good Weather, but I guess you can say that there's a method to the laziness, because undeniably they are risk-free choices. And there's no denying that sometimes the time and effort put into testing all kinds of things in Shakedown mode may be in vain because some options available in Shakedown mode may not actually be available for the online events. So there's always that too.

When you click any of those ??? links, the info window on the stage's allowed combinations will open in a new tab. Firstly, pay attention to weather packs only and ignore the texture options; and secondly, of those weather packs always select one with Originální počasí or Noční RZty pro originální tratě. Triple caution! But also a top tip! When you've chosen a weather pack, notice how the Weather pack option has changed from Do not checkDefault weather pack. Now, unless your weather choice is to have quasi-night on a stage – in which case I'd understand a check – I recommend you to always change it back to Do not check, that way you'll almost certainly avoid the dreaded Wrong weather definition in Tracksettings.ini -error where no-one would be able to enter the rally.

Service area after stage: Strangely positioned in the middle of the page but anyway, the lengths are 5/10/15/20/30/60/90 minutes.

Shortcuts checking: As you can imagine, not the most reliable check ever. Even if you knew that a certain stage would have problems with this, often you can't turn it off completely. It is what it is. And to make matters worse, organisers don't have tools to remove any unwarranted time penalties from the results.

Allow superally in this stage: If selected, any retiring driver will get the predetermined superrally penalty; if unselected, the retired driver will be removed from the results immediately with no chance to resume later in the rally. So basically, if you wanted to mimic a multi-leg rally similar to WRC events, you would unselect this only for the stages in the final leg. And if you prefer having all the retired drivers listed in the final results with their time penalties, then you would select this option for every stage of the rally.

Superally hold stage RZ: To define the stage after which a retired driver would be able to resume rally again. So in casual events this is usually combined with every instance of Service area after stage whereas in a WRC style format you'd select this only for the last stage of the leg.

Allow repeat stage: If selected, drivers can restart the stage via Exit to Main Menu. The amount of restarts will be saved to the stage results. Care! This doesn't save to the itinerary if Allow superally in this stage is selected, which I suppose is only logical.

Allow setup change: Self-explanatory. Allows changing the setup before the stage. 

The special stages 5 and 6

SS5: The last stage of the 2nd leg, so there will be service after this stage. The previous service was between the 3rd and 4th, so changing tyres is not allowed. Any drivers who'd retire on this stage would be allowed to re-enter the next leg under SuperRally rules.

SS6: The 3rd and final leg. And because it's the first stage of the section, a competitor can select any type of tyres. In this particular rally competitors would have two stages before the final service. The competitors had better keep themselves on the road because retiring on the final leg would bring 0 points exactly.

Three legs in one day

The start and end times are naturally locked and to edit them at this stage you'd have to go back to the first page. Strangely, the 2nd leg allegedly consists of stages "9-5", but no harm because when you save this page, we've finally reached the end...  

Appendix 1: Errors to avoid with Surface type and Age of surface options (Feb 2021)

(Updated 15 Feb 2021: added Vargassence)

Even before you begin inspecting the list below, you can memorise these two rules of thumb: 1) Almost all tarmac stages support only the New option, and 2) almost all snow stages support only the Dry option.

Ai-Petri Winter: Every option among New/Normal/Worn are available to you but only New is usable.

Azov: You're able to choose New/Normal/Worn but only New is usable.

Blanare I and II: Every option among Dry/Damp/Wet are available to you but only Dry is actually working.

Carvalho de Rei I and II: Every option among Dry/Damp/Wet are mistakenly available when different weather packs support them only partially. Morning and Noon weather packs support only Dry/Damp but Wet would make the game crash; whereas Late Morning supports only Damp/Wet but not Dry. Thanks for the report, Puhis!

Jirkovicky I: For some reason, damp is not working. Everything should be OK with the reversed version though.

Lousada WRC/RX/RG: You can choose Wet for each version, but be careful: it's only to be used with certain Weather packs and not all of them. Also, for the WRC and RG ones you can choose Normal/Worn too but only New is usable in Lousada (RX is fine in that regard).

Pikes Peak 2008: Again, you can choose Dry/Damp/Wet but only Dry is working.

RSI Slalom gegeWRC and RSI Slalom Shonen: You're able to choose Dry/Damp/Wet but only Dry is working.

Sturec snow I + II: You can choose Dry/Damp/Wet but only Dry is working.

Swiss II: And again, you can choose New/Normal/Worn but New is the only one actually working.

Swiss IV: I'd be somewhat cautious with this one, use Shakedown mode to see what's really available to you as there are some irregularities when combined with different Weather packs.

Torsby Shakedown: You can choose Dry/Damp/Wet but only Dry is working.

Uchan-Su Winter: Again, you can choose New/Normal/Worn but only New is usable.

Vargassence: This is getting ridiculous now, but once again Damp/Wet are wrongly available when only Dry is supported.

Appendix 2: Known issues with Time of day/Weather/Clouds options (Updated March 2020)

(Thanks to Puhis and Sptp for their findings regarding Puy du Lac and Sepponaattori for reporting Livadija I)

Livadija I: The single Late Morning option would cause CTD for most drivers, so you should stick with Morning Crisp Clear on this one. The creator did the same mistake for both Livadija stages, actually, but they're easily fixed for shakedown purposes: Go to \Maps, open track-810_O_textures.rbz, and rename the folder inside to match the name of the pack (_M_ → _O_). Then correct the same mishap inside track-811_O_textures.rbz for Livadija II.

Puy du Lac: All of the Late Morning weather packs cause a crash to desktop (CTD). For most drivers, that is. Luckily, there is one texture fix available to download and it works fantastically well, but unless you make an effort to ensure that all competitors have patched the stage, maybe you should just stick with the Morning ones.

Versme: Morning - Light Rain - Heavy Clouds with Default weather pack check leads to Wrong weather definition in Tracksettings.ini and no driver will be able to enter the rally. This is exactly why you shouldn't use the check needlessly. With Do not check Morning - Light Rain - Heavy Clouds is perfectly fine.

Vicar: Similarly, the weather pack check fails with both of Vicar's Late Morning (Hazy Clear + Hazy Partially Cloudy) weather packs, leading to Wrong weather definition in Tracksettings.ini.