Setting up Your Wheel

These are the basic steps you should take when you set up your wheel for RBR. This guide has some Thrustmaster or Logitech references, but don't let it distract you because all this should work a treat for the more expensive products as well.

Care! In case RBR doesn't detect your wheel at all (or the FFB is/goes missing), try installing DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010). Depending on the wheel you're using, the more ancient DirectX files provided by the game itself may not be enough. If problems persist, try running Microsoft DirectX Diagnostic Tool (type dxdiag in the Windows search box) to see if it knows any better.

  • Delete the file PC_inputfilter.ini. The single most important thing that you must do.

  • Open RichardBurnsRally.ini and delete its line "ConstantForceMultiplier = -60". Yes, we're aware that it's not really necessary but just think of the placebo effect, it's amazing.

  • In your wheel settings (Logitech Profiler/Thrustmaster's Control Panel etc.) set Spring and Damper Effects to 0% and disable any Centering Spring/Auto-Center/whatever thingy.

  • Overall strength is totally up to you, obviously. If you want to do tests for the overall strength at some point, I suggest going to the bumpy Kormoran stages where the FFB is more brutal (there's also FSO Zeran but that is a bit extreme). Note that for the NGP cars, you can also adjust the FFB sensitivity in RichardBurnsRally.ini. For more info, check out ReadMe.PhysicsNG.txt.

  • Degrees of rotation is also up to you. RBR doesn't have a soft lock so you'll have to change the degrees manually in Windows for different cars, if that's what you want.

  • Disable combined brake and throttle pedals. In Thrustmaster's Control Panel: choose Separate (default setting). In Logitech Profiler: uncheck Report combined pedals. And in RBR, go to Controller Setup and use Delete key to remove any existing control for Acceleration and Brake.

  • Also in RBR, go to Options → Controls → Filter Settings → Steering → Axis, and turn off Maximum Fade and set Saturation Speed to max. (Although you can argue that the Saturation Speed setting has already become void, because it's not like the curvatures are affected at this stage and you'd be right about that.)

  • Again in RBR, it's highly recommended to turn off Gear Protection and Neutral Lock (in Options → Gears).


  • If you need to invert some controls, open input.ini (in the game folder) and change the problematic controls from false → true. (Note that with inverted controls you have to live with this annoying bug.)

  • Apparently, Fanatec owners (and maybe not only Fanatec owners) tend to have difficulties to assign steering in RBR, and I hear it's because you have to turn the wheel very fast lock-to-lock to get it done. Therefore you should probably change the rotation degrees temporarily to something silly like 180 or even less to make it easier.

  • If you have an H pattern shifter and would like to use it, there's the current H pattern integration that comes with NGP but then there's the ancient H-Shifter 3.0 plugin by Racer_S. To understand the differences between these two "rivalling" solutions, we recommend you to watch Janne Laahanen's enlightening video on the subject.

  • Unlike in some modern games, you can't add deadzone to your pedals in RBR, let alone make joystick handbrakes to ignore part of the axis, so for that type of adjusting, you very much require "external solutions".