Installing Cars

Updated 18 May 2020: Added mentions of mika-n's new plugin NGPCarMenu to appropriate places.

The new era (of RBRCIT)

RBRCIT – basic studies
RBRCIT – advanced studies (adding a car manually)

The old era (before RBRCIT)

Installing cars (classic method)
Changing car names in vanilla game modes
Renaming a car folder
Hiding vanilla car names in RBRTM
Hiding steering wheel/wipers/windscreen (without RBRCIT)

It's not like RBR was truly hard to grasp before, but Zissakos' fantastic RBRCIT (RBR Car Installation Tool) and its seamless partnership with Next Generation Physics (NGP) revolution (powered by WorkerBee) took the usability to new unheard-of levels and without a doubt lowered the threshold for the Steam generation to illegally obtain and take up the best game of all-time. This article has been divided into two separate sections. For any newcomer I'd say the old era methods are something you don't have to pay attention to or give a shit if you don't want to. To some extent, they can give you insight into what happens under the hood of RBRCIT, but mainly they're presented here only for the nostalgics.

Double caution! The only thing you must understand – regardless of the method – is that you should not install 4WD or RWD NGP cars to Car02 aka the MG ZR slot (RBRCIT: car number 2).

No longer caution! Previously, any car modelled with ZModeler required a plugin called ZFix. These days, however, a similar fix is included in FixUp, making ZFix redundant.

For your information: Because "only genuine NGP cars will work with [NGP6] plugin", practically the easiest solution for porridge was just to remove the chapter that was known as "RBRCIT – advanced studies (adding a car manually)".

RBRCIT – basic studies

Before we begin, let's make it clear that this wonderful NGP car manager is primarily designed to be used with RBRTM, TrainingDay or just plain RBR. While you can install RBRCIT next to your RSRBR installation, it's not recommended for variety of reasons.

Important! Don't bother downloading RBRCIT from Zissakos' github as it is badly outdated, which is why the download link in this guide correctly directs you to the so-called WorkerBee Edit of RBRCIT that has been the recommended starting point since the most recent Dropbox debacle.

The creator Zissakos has done this short overview video that you might want to watch first.

  1. Download RBRCIT and extract the pack to your RBR installation folder.

  2. If you haven't extracted Audio.dat yourself, let RBRCIT do it for you right away on the first run. Having Audio.dat extracted to a Audio folder before installing any cars is absolutely crucial. (There's the option for this in the Tools menu too.)

  3. Do the following procedures:

    3.1 Since the carList.ini coming with the RBRCIT pack is out-of-date, go to Download → Update carList.ini.

    3.2 Install lacking NGP- and/or FixUp-plugins (Download). Note that FixUp.ini is created the next time you run RBR, so its Configure-button will not work before that.

    3.3 Install all of the physics released so far with Download missing physics.

  4. Models are another story. You can download them directly from the official NGP download page and unzip them to \Cars in one go, but since RBRCIT 1.0.6 added the possibility to use external unzippers (although only 7-Zip is preconfigured), installing models with RBRCIT itself is so much faster and more reliable now, unlike it is with the super slow dattool that comes with RBRCIT by default.

  5. You can install a car when both its model and physics are available. First you choose a slot in Installed cars -panel and then you click the car's arrow icon (if you can't see the arrow, simply enlarge the RBRCIT window. And when you're happy with your car set, click Apply and that's it.

It's so easy to use RBRCIT that it's bordering on criminal. When there's a new car release: Update carList.ini. Updating already existing model or physics: right-click anywhere on the car row and choose Update Model/Update Physics. And if, for example, you'd like to remove steering wheel from all cars by default, just open RBRCIT.ini and delete #-sign from the line AlwaysHideSteeringWheel = true. Care! Perhaps slightly unintuitively, in order to update NGP plugin in the future, always remember to update carList.ini first!

Top tip! One thing you need to understand right away is that RBRCIT doesn't alter things like car names/previews (let alone specs) in vanilla game modes or RBR_RX mode, so you'd have to remember which cars you replaced and so on and so forth. RBRTM and TrainingDay can read the CarName line from Cars.ini but for other mentioned modes, you can either install mika-n's marvellous NGPCarMenu or vcorp's neat little plugin.

Remember! If RBRCIT starts crashing to no end and there seems to be no obvious reasons for it, at the end of the day there's nothing that a clean reinstallation can't fix.


Installing cars (classic method)

Note! Merely for a laugh, the car used in this tutorial is one of the more obscure NGP releases: Volkswagen Polo WRC 2017. And because it is an older NGP5 car, you're going to also need the NGP Plugin v5.0.1 to go with it.

  1. Install the car model folder POLO_R_WRC_2017 to \Cars.

  2. In \Cars, make sure that Cars.ini isn't read-only (right click → Properties).

  3. Open this much advertised Cars.ini then. You may replace any car you wish (remember not to use Car02 though!), but for this, I'm going to replace the original Subaru Impreza 2000. Usually the car packs include the lines ready for you to be copy-pasted to Cars.ini – like in VW's case, in the readme.txt – but occasionally you may have type them in manually.

    FileName = "Cars\impreza00\impreza00.sgc" FileName = "Cars\POLO_R_WRC_2017\polo_wrc_2017.sgc"
    IniFile = "Cars\impreza00\impreza00.ini" IniFile = "Cars\POLO_R_WRC_2017\polo_wrc_2017.ini"
    ShaderFile = "Cars\impreza00\impreza00_shaders.ini" ShaderFile = "Cars\POLO_R_WRC_2017\polo_wrc_2017_shaders.ini"
    ShaderSettings = "Cars\impreza00\impreza00_shader_settings" ShaderSettings = "Cars\POLO_R_WRC_2017\polo_wrc_2017_shader_settings"
    TexturePath = "Cars\impreza00\Textures\" TexturePath = "Cars\POLO_R_WRC_2017\Textures\"

    CarName = "VW Polo WRC 2017"

    Those not suffering from some eye disease can surely notice that I deliberately added an extra CarName line, and that's to show the name of the car in RBRTM and TrainingDay plugins.

  4. Save Cars.ini.

Next, it's the physics' turn. You must use the physics.rbz that is included in the NGP5 plugin pack instead of RBR's original file (let alone any other version of the file). The small yet so important distinction between these two rbz versions is in their physics.lsp files.

  1. In the VW pack, the physics files are in folder VW Polo R WRC 2017 (after extracting). This folder must be renamed according to the list below – without quotes, of course.

    • "c_xsara" if replacing Citroën Xsara (Car00)
    • "h_accent" if replacing Hyundai Accent (Car01)
    • "mg_zr" if replacing MG ZR Super 1600 (Car02)
    • "m_lancer" if replacing Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII (Car03)
    • "p_206" if replacing Peugeot 206 (Car04)
    • "s_i2003" if replacing Subaru Impreza 2003 (Car05)
    • "t_coroll" if replacing Toyota Corolla (Car06)
    • "s_i2000" if replacing Subaru Impreza 2000 (Car07)

    You remember that I installed the car to Car07, so I'll rename the physics folder from VW Polo R WRC 2017 to s_i2000.

  2. Open physics.rbz (with 7-zip/WinRAR/similar). In \Physics, among the michelin, pirelli and school folders, there are the eight car folders shown in the list above. Delete the original s_i2000 folder and drag in the new one with VW physics. The pack gets updated and saved in real-time, so just close the software when done.

  3. (Alternatively, you can extract physics.rbz in its entirety to your RBR installation, after which you install physics to \Physics without hassling with rbz pack, but care: An RBRTM installation doesn't support this way at all as it only reads the physics from the good old rbz pack.)

All done. Good luck!

Changing car names in vanilla game modes

For your information: There are currently dedicated plugins available such as this or this that among other things perform this trick much more efficiently and neatly. But for the sake of nostalgia, let's remember how the veterans had to hex edit the car strings in the good old days.

Firstly, making a backup of RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe is essential. Secondly, there will be no secondly.

In this guide I use a hex editor called HxD that I've used for years for primarily superficial reasons: 1) It's available as portable (no installer, that is), 2) Google tells me that someone has rated it highly.

Let's get cracking.

  1. Launch HxD, and open RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe.

  2. Use Search (Ctrl+F) to find "subaru" (without quotes).

    It'll take you to the first instance of "subaru" that refers to the full car name above the technical specs in the Quick Rally mode. Notice how the cars are in reverse order compared to Cars.ini, meaning Car07, Car06, Car05...

    When you scroll down a bit, you'll see the string Subaru '00, also referring to the Quick Rally menu.

  3. When you're editing a string, understand this: You must adhere to the original character amount. You can go under it (and fill the rest with spacebar) but you can't exceed it. And whatever you do, do not use backspace (the software should warn you about it if you use backspace by accident).

  4. Save the file.



The technical specs of the cars are fortunately easier to edit, they're in carinfo.ini (Misc.rbz). You can read more about Misc.rbz here.

Renaming a car folder

Imagine a situation where you are installing an old generation physics car for RBRTM and you bump into a model that's already been installed as an NGP version yet the version is not exactly the same. Think of something like Porsche 996 GT3 (RBRTM) and Porsche 911 GT3 Rallye (996) 2004 (NGP). Or maybe you're downright appalled by the audacity of RBRTM's Toyota Corolla WRC '98 designed to replace RBR's original Corolla... Hey come on, what the fuck is that all about?

Anyway, generally speaking, it is wise to play it safe and keep both versions by renaming the other car folder. However, renaming a folder is not enough because you must relink the textures to the newly-named folder, otherwise the car would only appear pitch-black in the game.

So here's what you gotta do: Go to the renamed car folder and open its ShaderFile (meaning [car_name]_shaders.ini) → find [TSDefault] and edit the paths for all textures. Simple as that.

Hiding vanilla car names in RBRTM

RBRTM recognises the original RBR cars just by their physics folders and therefore it forces their names to show up even if the CarName line would be blanked. It sounds like a first world problem and it is one, but luckily, there's a solution: Create either a so-called dummy file or a text file (with some text, an empty file is not enough) and just add it to the physics folder of the original car in physics.rbz. This will change the CRC checksum and RBRTM will no longer recognise the cars as vanilla cars, and it will show the names as Car 0/Car 1/Car 2 etc.

Hiding steering wheel/wipers/windscreen (without RBRCIT)

The easiest way, without question, to do these things is with RBRCIT, but here's how we old vets did this for the 12 years before that. These edits in a car's IniFile only affect the parts seen from inside the car (i = internal), so you will still see them normally at the start line or after CFH (call for help) or in replays (external and TV cam view). Just like it should go, really.

Steering wheel: Find the line [i_steeringwheel] and edit the Switch = false line below it to Switch = true

Wipers: [i_wiper_r] and [i_wiper_l]: Switch = false → true

Why would someone hide wipers, you may ask? Well, one reason would be avoiding the bug of flickering wipers (flawed animation) in the rain when VSync is turned off. Note that if it's the sound of the wipers that annoys you, you should edit that in Audio.ini (WiperEngine & Wiper).

Windscreen: [i_window_f]: Switch = false → true

Let's be clear: people only do this as a crude compromise to deal with overly dark windscreens. Actually, if you want to know how to deal with dark windscreens in a more sophisticated way, read this reddit post by Hasselhoax.

So, everything above is fine if you only need to edit a single car, but how to bulk edit to hide/show parts for ALL cars (without RBRCIT, that is)? Well, you could do precisely that with Notepad++.

Run Notepad++, go straight to Search > Find in Files (Ctrl+Shift+F) without opening any documents, and adjust the settings like below:

About to hide steering wheel from all cars...
Filters: *.ini
Directory: browse for the Cars folder (like for example: C:\Games\RBR\Cars)
Check In all sub-folders and uncheck the rest.
Search mode: Regular expression with . matches newline

Next, depending on which car part you want to hide/show, you have to fill the Find what and Replace with edit boxes with the following regular expressions (use copy-paste and be careful not to leave any extra whitespace!) and hit Replace in Files button to execute.

Car part Find what: Replace with: (to hide) Replace with: (to show)
Steering wheel (\[i_steeringwheel\].*?)switch.*?$ \1Switch=true \1Switch=false
Wiper (left) (\[i_wiper_l\].*?)switch.*?$ \1Switch=true \1Switch=false
Wiper (right) (\[i_wiper_r\].*?)switch.*?$ \1Switch=true \1Switch=false
Windscreen (\[i_window_f\].*?)switch.*?$ \1Switch=true \1Switch=false