Fooling Around with Misc.rbz

Misc.rbz is true to its name and contains miscellaneous files. The rule of three dictates that with its files you can edit the dash, AI drivers and something else.

If you haven't already done so, I wholeheartedly advise you to extract the contents of Misc.rbz to your RBR installation folder. Or, you can also create a new folder called Misc yourself (and another one called ai inside it), and then extract only the files you want from Misc.rbz. Because unlike with the audio files, here you don't need to have every file in a folder, just the ones you care about and the rest you can leave to be read from the rbz.

Care! Every single file is read-only by default so before editing you need to do something about it first in the file properties.


carinfo.ini: The technical specifications for each car as seen in several RBR modes.

LM_Driver.ini: Mostly about the beautiful animations of RBR but really it is only the Max Steeringwheel Degrees line that moves the needle. With it, you can make the RBR's steering wheel turn at the same ratio as your own wheel. The setting: center to lock (or lock-to-lock / 2, depending on your outlook on life).

Digi- and minidash (RBR\Misc\)

It was on a Tuesday of yesteryear – at sixish – when I decided that dashes require a section of their own. Numerous digidash files allude to Full dash size whereas minidash files to Minimal. But here's the thing: which one of those six digi/minidash files is the one for you to edit? Hard to say because it depends on both your resolution and centerMenu setting and there are no cheat sheets around that I know of. But you don't need one because all you need is Pacenote Plugin and its camera editor. And that, ladies and fellow wankers, is one hell of a top tip.

Where would we be without the Bee?

In this re-enactment of sorts, those are the coordinates I should now go and look for in those files (under Hud position) and in no time at all I can tell you that the files I should edit are the *_1280 ones. My personal settings are 1680x1050 and centerMenu=1, in case no-one's interested. And if I want to move the dash, because why not, I can do that as well with this Beast, and then write down the new coordinates and edit digi/minidash_1280.ini accordingly. Quite dashing, if I may say so! (As you can see from the screenshot, you could also save those coordinates with Pacenote Plugin that would then create a new file called DashPositions.ini to \Plugins\Pacenote but whether it's the right thing for you to do... totally up to you.)

When you move the dash to the left far enough, you'll see that some leftover pieces of your Turbometer come into sight to be in the middle of nowhere. You can get rid of them again by editing the last numbers of Turbometer X/Y in your dash file.

Hud Size refers only to the size of the dark background, so no, you can't scale the numbers and texts any bigger or smaller just like that. That'd be too easy.


ai.ini: The first part consists of ambiguous tables that I wouldn't dare to touch, but scroll down and you'll finally see some target times for AI drivers in Rally Season. Anyone who's ever played RBR's Rally Season knows that the set times are pretty inconsistent (and poor, if I may add). The promoters already begin engraving your name to the trophy after the first stage in England.

They refer to those target times as "PAR times" so perhaps it's appropriate to remind that the best AI drivers tend to score birdies mostly.

aidrv.ini: AI drivers, teams and cars. When it comes to drivers and cars, the scale is always 1–5 unless stated otherwise. So if you decided to give some sixes too for Seb, the game would crash like Meeke.

Useful: If you're truly interested in editing AI target times, click on the spoiler below to see the stage IDs for RBR's original stages. (You can add the stage names next to each "Track ##" in ai.ini, if you want.)

10 - Kaihuavaara
11 - Mustaselka
12 - Sikakama
13 - Autiovaara
14 - Kaihuavaara II
15 - Mustaselka II

20 - Harwood Forest
21 - Falstone
22 - Chirdonhead
23 - Shepherds Shield
24 - Harwood Forest II
25 - Chirdonhead II

31 - NewBobs
32 - Greenhills
33 - Mineshaft
34 - East-West
35 - NewBobs II
36 - East-West II

41 - Cote d'Arbroz
42 - Joux Verte
43 - Bisanne
44 - Joux Plane
45 - Joux Verte II
46 - Cote d'Arbroz II

51 - Noiker
52 - Sipirkakim
53 - Pirka Menoko
54 - Tanner
55 - Noiker II
56 - Tanner II

61 - Frazier Wells
62 - Prospect Ridge
63 - Diamond Creek
64 - Hualapai Nation
65 - Prospect Ridge II
66 - Diamond Creek II

71 - Rally School I